Al-Azhar Park offers a 72-acre space of greenery in the midst of Old Cairo, with an architectural design inspired by historic Islamic gardens. The spine of the Park is a formal axis with water fountains channeling towards the direction of a small lake, along with alleyways pointing towards the Citadel of Cairo.
Among several honors, Azhar Park is listed as one of the world’s 60 great public spaces.

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Alazhar park is keen to offer all means of facilities, safety and utilities to help our visitors get the optimum park experience .

We provide a wide range of facilities including:
Children Area
Shuttle Bus Tour
Photography (scenery & events)
Handicraft Gallery
Bazars & Festivals
Conference Facilities
First Aid
Car Parking
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Disability Facilities

History of Al-Azhar Park

In 1984, His Highness the Aga Khan announced his decision to create a park for the Cairene to commemorate the foundations of Cairo by his ancestors, the Fatimids, in 969. The selected location was the derelict Darassa site, a 30-hectare mound of rubble between the castern edge of the 12th century City Walls and the “City of the Dead”. Al-Azhar Park opened to the public in 2005.

Eastern City Wall of Cairo

Archacological research reveald the remains of the first Citv Wall built from mud bricks in 969 by Jawhar al-Sigilli. A century later, the Fatimid Bad al-Jamali constructed a new city wall in 1087, adding three monumental gates built in stone. During the reign of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, the defensive wall was enlarged for the third time, this time with limestone..

Al – Azhar Park is considered Cairo’s ‘Green Lung’. It is the place where history, culture and nature meet.

Al-Azhar park welcomes its visitors from all-over the world to attend and enjoy its unique festivals and events.

With a large variety of cultural and entertainment events, Al-Azhar Park is all about bringing authenticity and unforgettable experiences to its visitors.

Cairo Jazz Festival

Relax, unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature and  a breath of fresh air.

A space of  72-acres of greenery, including various trees and rare plantations, Al-Azhar Park is the perfect go-to place to relax and escape the hassle of the city.

The special architecture along with the historical views, makes this park a special place to host commercial and private events.

Parties & Celebrations
Fitness Days & Entertaining Festivals

Enjoy our amazing variety of Restaurants

Hill-top Restaurant

Lake Side Restaurant

Al Masraweya Cafe

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At Al-Azhar Park, we aim to offer a diversified event calendar with distinct entertainment genres.
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From Sunday to Thursday

Adult: 40 LE

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Adult: 50 LE

Age: 2 - 8 years

Children: 40 LE

Want to discover the
architectural treasures of old Cairo?

The Aga Khan foundation went through a serious process of bringing most of the monuments back to life with a huge work of monument development and restoration, in order to truly make everyone see the magnificence of the architecture, the history, and even the traditional handcrafts which was present from over a 1000 years and still up and running to this day. This route will definitely take you on a trip down history’s lane, and you’ll be able to see a total of 16 of the most mesmerizing and historical islamic monuments including mosques, schools, complexes, palaces and even 700 year old ancient handicraft markets whose owners are as talented and skilled as ever.

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